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    • Our consulting services will focus on effectively helping your business prepare balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports as needed.
    • We can help to develop financial reporting for both for profit and non-profit businesses.
    • Does your business have questions in regards to cash flow, margins, or revenue generation? Let us sit down with your business and help you understand your financials by providing you with a clear and concise evaluation of your financial position.
    • We will develop various reports that can give you a better insight into how your company is performing, compared to your peers.
    • To be able to sustain the up and down swings in your financial position you must have a strategy. This strategy should include various scenarios in the event something drastic happens with Plan A, your business has a Plan B.
    • We are here to help you formulate a strategy that will work directly for your business, and your financial situation.
    • Are you wondering how to cut expenses, keep overhead cost low, or develop a contingency liquidity fund? We are here to help you develop a budget that will keep your business profitable even during this low interest rate economy.
    • Once we have established a budget that is conducive to your business situation, we can forecast how to sustain these earnings for the future.
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    • Have a business idea? Allow us to help you put it into a focused strategic plan. This plan will help you see your ideas come to fruition. It is a crucial part of the business building process that serves as the business’s foundation. This foundation will be what you can stand on while searching for funding to start your business or trying to remain focus when carrying out your business operations.
    • Your brand is the face that your consumers will see. It often speaks to your clients before you get to say a word to them

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      . By assisting in the proper development of your brand, including tag lines, we will help your brand say the right things to your consumersbefore they take a step into your office.

    • The impact of social media is undeniable. Individuals and businesses are sharing information faster than ever before. It is important for businesses to realize that social media is a valuable tool that can be leveraged to share information, bolster your brand recognition, and enhance your customer service. We will help you explore the various social media tools and how they can help you carve out a position in the market place for you and your business.


    • Many individuals know what they want to sell but they have trouble figuring out who will buy it. We make this process a whole lot easier. By constantly communicating with our clients and helping them determine who the final users of their products will be, we help them determine who their marketing efforts should be directed towards.
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    • One of the most important considerations your company will face early on is setting viable pricing points for your products/services and formulating a strategy for penetrating the market. These two steps are crucial for reaching/maintaining profitability and establishing a brand.
    • Our consultants are experienced in market research and strategy formulation in these two areas. Allow us to help you develop a sustainable and effective platform for offering your products/services and breaking into or growing within your desired market(s).
    • For start-ups and smaller companies raising capital is not only important it is sometimes necessary. Navigating the waters of the investment world is not always easy. Allow us to utilize our connections and knowledge of investments to aide you in your search for capital and your efforts to maintain good relations with your investors.
    • A major part of setting company strategy is understanding where your industry is and where it is going. It is important for companies to be aware of and fully understand the different trends occuring within their industry. This includes consumer trends as well as competitor trends.
    • We are skilled at analyzing industry trends and assessing/adapting your current company strategy in light of those trends. We can help you build a viable plan that is forward-looking, creative, and feasible.
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Through our affiliate company Jackson Corporate Law Offices we offer the following business law services –

    • Business Formation & Registration
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Private Equity Investment Documents
    • Franchising
    • Employment Law
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Trademarks & Copyrights
    • Licensing Agreements
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